Kill Murray – ‘Laser’

Kill Murray are a new name to me. But from what I’ve read they come from a series of other local acts. Supergroup anyone? I couldn’t possibly comment.

The track starts of with some rhythmical muted guitar work which paves the way for the drums to come rattling in. The drumming is fairly loose and almost lazy in it’s approach which provides a really infectious but un-mechanical groove. This coupled with punchy and in places discordant guitar riffs makes for a lovely fit. This comes across well in a not overly polished but affirming way.

The track builds nicely through out. And really takes off in the last third where the track comes to end in euphoric fashion with some nice high octave guitar parts to add to the tension and elevation of the track. I feel it could get a little nastier in places to really hammer their point home, especially the last third. I did think it lacked some weight at times but this could possibly just be the recording…

A good solid effort which at times is really catchy overall is well executed. Promising stuff. I’m definitely interested to hear more. So job well done!



Released on 6th February 2012.