King of Cats – ‘Bright Lightbulbs’ Video

King of Cats Ides Video

The maniacally lo-fi King of Cats has released a video for an upcoming split 7″ single – I Like What You Say – with fellow lo-fi downbeat strummer Ides who also features in the video (she’s the one getting a buzz cut). ‘Bright Lightbulbs’ is a raucous, shouty, brilliant mess on the outside but, like most of King of Cats’ tracks, hidden beneath the catatonic howls and non-existent production value, lies catchy, melodious song-writing of the highest order. A true eccentric talent.

I Like What You Say is released on 9 September 2013 via Reeks of Effort and features ‘Bright Lightbulbs’ by King of Cats alongside ‘Chokehold’ by Ides. Digital and physical copies can be purchased here through the label’s Bandcamp.