Kurt Vile & Sore Eros – ‘Jamaica Plain’

Kurt Vile has already given us one of the best LPs of the year and so it seems he is now on track for providing us with one of the most intriguing EP releases of 2013.

Wakin On A Pretty Daze was a lackadaisical stoner odyssey, the sun rays beating down onto hot pavements, gently cooking dirty soles. Those first vibrant tokes. The warm head fuzz glow. Now Kurt Vile is shaking off his skunkover for a collaborative project with Robert Robinson of Sore Eros.

Having also toured with Ariel Pink, and Kurt Vile’s own Violators, Robinson and Vile has been friends ever since they were introduced back in 2001. A year later they recorded the tracks which make up this EP. ‘Jamaica Plain’ is a tantalising glimpse into the rest of the record. Jamaica Plain EP is out 4 November 2013 via Care In The Community Recordings.

Another song from the EP, ‘Serum’, was previously premiered on Pitchfork and can be streamed here.

The EP’s title track takes its name from the Boston town in Massachusetts, where it was recorded, referred to in the 19th century as “the Eden of America.”