Levek – Black Mold Grow


David Levesque, AKA Levek, has unveiled a new song in anticipation for this album release later in the year. ‘Black Mold Grow’ is a cheerful, upbeat indie-pop tune full of vocal harmonies and possesses a psychedelic summery feel all rooted by a solid, but often meandering bass-line reminiscent of 1970s soundtrack funk. The track is the opening song on Levek’s debut LP – Look A Little Closer – which will be released on September 25th on Lefse Records.

“I had no idea what this album was when I began the process of the first few tracks,” explains Levesque. “All I knew was a general sound I wanted to go for. I found a common ground lyrically and the album seemed to just take off by itself from there”. “The inspiration,” Levesque says quite matter-of-factly “was just to make an album that I’ve always wanted someone else to make. Something that I would enjoy listening to.”