Lewis Watson – It’s Got 4 Sad Songs On It BTW

With 640,000 hits on his cover of Ed Sheeran’s ‘A Team’, more than 200,000 views on his very own single ‘#3’ and over 2.7 million total YouTube views, Lewis Watson is not to be missed. He has previously filmed an A64 piece for SB.TV and featured in the song ‘Let Go’ alongside rappers Krept and Konan. Not only that, Lewis has been broadcasted many times on stations such as 1xtra, MTV and AKA as well as having been interviewed on BBC South Today. This is unquestionably a mammoth achievement for the 19 year old from Oxfordshire.

Containing exactly what it says on the tin, It’s Got 4 Sad Songs On It BTW, is his first EP and has already been listened to by Ed Sheeran. The EP opens with ‘What About Today?’ Every line sung represents emotional relevance, linked to heartbreak, applicable to our day to day lives, “you loved me last night, but what about today?”

Focussing on the struggle of the ending of a relationship, ‘Windows’ expresses feelings of desire and reminiscence. Soft acoustics intertwined with gentle vocals cleverly cloud the raw meaning and thoughts behind the track. ‘Bones’ sounds very similar to the previous track, but carries a buoyant and more upbeat melody. It is an anomaly in the EP as it moves away from the distress that is caused by a breakup. Bringing a sense of happiness and contentment, this is a favourite.

Immediately demonstrating Lewis’s vulnerability through poignant verses, ‘Nothing’ concludes the EP. Delightfully simple guitar chords truly gives emphasis to the sad lyrics. Whether there is room in the industry for another Ed Sheeran is the ultimate question. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see where his musical voyage takes him.



Released 2nd April 2012