Limbo Kids – Wanderlust EP

For their debut EP Wanderlust, Limbo Kids have gathered together some of their friends from Oxford’s music scene to help them get started:  Trophy Wife’s Kit Monteith and Andrew Halford on production for the first two tracks, Ollie Thomas (ex-Ute and Grinding Young) on vocals and Rose Dagul (Rhosyn) on cello. There is a risk that Limbo Kids will get lost behind all their extras and fail to shine through, however, get it right, and this could be the start of another fine Oxford based musical project. 

The first track is ‘Heartshots’, produced by aforementioned members of Trophy Wife, and it’s a merry beginning. A pulsing beat hits you first then the lurking riffs and sweet, high vocals layer up. It almost starts to wallow but then pulls itself up into the repetitive, jumpy chorus – then cue *double clap*! It’s very upbeat and a bit disco, with a garagey synth line keeping it jumping.

‘Wanderlust’ marks a total change of tone. Like a subdued Swim Deep, it’s flowing and lyrical and swells beautifully when Rose’s cello is added to the equation, tying it all together, accompanied by Ollie’s soothing vocals. It’s more ‘wander’ than ‘lust’, but that’s no bad thing in these dreamy surroundings.

And finally, ‘Desire’, is the only one where Limbo Kids go it completely alone. Four Tet style rhythm combined with woozy synths and snapping drums, then the vocals and a chiming guitar line take it somewhere altogether more pop; sweet, delicate and uplifting.

Limbo Kids’ debut EP is a promising start: atmospheric but catchy, danceably disco but still subtle and smart. They’ve already got their connections with other Oxford bands and seem ready to slip right in with them. Hopefully though, next time round they’ll kick out on their own and create their own space, instead of nestling into that of more established pastures.

Released on 12th November 2012