Listing Ships – 100 Gun Ship

Listing Ships are a quartet from East Oxford who feature former members from Sunnyvale Noise Sub-element, Witches, From Light To Sound and Piexo. Having already gotten their first release out of the way the maritime theme unsurprisingly continues with the release of 100 Gun Ship. The title track was was made available as a free download recently and is the first track on this mini-album wastes no time at all and bursts into life and settles into a solid groove that brings to mind various Krautrock influences.

‘Melusine Romance’ touches on the early Biffy Clyro sound with it’s catchy riffs which stop and start from heavy to clean and back again with expert precision. Helping to keep the listeners attention at all times, contemplating where the song will take us next. The answer? A beautiful melancholic ending which is testament to the strength of the song writing on show. Simple when needed and deadly accurate in execution.

Then on to the main event. ‘Equus Ager’ is quite simply a monster. It starts, stops and teases you into submission before smashing you right between the eyes with a gloriously epic powerful finish. Post-Rock perfectly executed to devastating results. ‘Then Venice Sank’ comes across like Fugazi crossed with Rodan with it’s mixture of driving indie rock interspersed with harsh and heavy distorted guitars. ‘Skippers Daughter’ is another beast which winds and turns you through various guises. At times subtle and calm only to be replaced with a fantastic post hardcore racket. Whilst ‘All Aboard The Andrea Doria’ manages to be both playful and discordant in equal parts.

The album is finished off by a remix of ‘Equus Ager’ which is done by New Rose Hotel. This is for fans of Tim Hecker, Kevin Drumm and Fennesz with it’s ambient droning turning brilliantly nasty towards the end. Overall this is a very strong release, which has it’s heart firmly rooted in Post-Hardcore territory but happily delves in to areas of Post-Rock and Krautrock. All off set with a slight Electronic edge in places.



Released on 28th November 2011