Listing Ships Record At Lifeboat Station

If you thought Listing Ships were nautical in name only then you’d be very, very wrong. The band have taken ideas and themes based around boats and the ocean to create a watertight concept which runs through their entire musical and artistic output. Whether it be songs about mermaids or introducing the sounds of creaking wooden galleys into their live shows, the band have taken the next logical step and began recording surrounded by, you guessed it, boats! The band recently headed to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution’s lifeboat station in Hayling Island to record their next release, a 12″ vinyl which will be out in late October/early November via Idle Fret Records. The full track listing is yet to be confirmed, but three news songs entitled ‘American Steam Company’, ‘Alba Adriatica’ and ‘Baychimo’ (as well as sounds from the actual working lifeboat station) will all feature. See images of the recording process below.