Little Comets – Life is Elsewhere

I remember seeing Little Comets live for the first time two years ago when they supported Darwin Deez at the Oxford O2 Academy, their sound was bouncy and vibrant. With the release of their new album Life is Elsewhere I can confirm their sound hasn’t changed in any way but matured into a more confident and interesting sound.

The Newc astle-Upon-Tyne trio have created an album filled with light-hearted tunes that have their iconic hapharzard sound that is much loved by their fans. Starting with the poppy delight ‘A Little Opus’, a burst of sound to open the album, the happiness doesn’t stop there. ‘Jennifer’ displays the band’s classic busy wording creating a new kind of rhythm, not just with guitars. This puts Little Comets above other bands, letting the language of their songs lead the way, with the instruments jumping about afterwards.

Despite the happy sound that Little Comets produces on this album, there are songs filled with tales of violence, deception and hurt. ‘Violence Out Tonight’ is the darkest song on the album, the lyrics depict an incredibly moving story about the brutality of rape. The lyric: “the poor conviction rate for rape can often leave a woman feeling more at blame than able to talk about violence” is a poignant line highlighting the fact known that many of the transgressors remain unpunished. Little Comets should be commended for creating a song about such a sad and painful subject.

Little Comets’ sound can be compared to Vampire Weekend with the vocals having some similarity or resemblance to that of Ezra Koenig. Yet what defines the band is the rest of the elements in each song on their album, the use of effects and synths, the bubbly guitar riffs and the colourfulness, that really set them apart to be their own individual sound and image.

Life Is Elsewhere has been a success for Little Comets; they have showcased their excellent lyrical and instrumental skills. The album is a reminder that indie bands can develop and grow and not just stick to being an alternative sound. A collection of mature songs are offered that are just as likely to make you sit and think about the lyrics as dance around your bedroom to the delightful melodies.  This album deserves to be listened to over and over.

Released on 15th October 2012 by Dirty Hit Records