Live Preview: Gathering Festival

Gathering Festival is taking place in Oxford’s Cowley Road area this Saturday (20 October 2012) – venues include East Oxford Community Centre, Cowley Road Methodist Church, O2 Academy, The Bullingdon, Port Mahon and Truck Store – and here are five reasons why you’d be a fool not to join in the fun.

1. Liars (The Bullingdon Arms, 00:30 – 01:30)

One of the most intriguing bands around, period. Psych-punks, visceral noise makers, blissed out, bugged out electronic dudes, whatever you want to call them Sisterland was fucking epic and WIXIW is one of the best albums to come out this year. And that’s a fact.

2. The Staves (East Oxford Community Centre, 22:30 – 23:00)

Bon Iver loves them and so do we. Ever since we saw a video of them singing the beautiful ‘Winter Trees’ for SOFAR we’ve been relishing the chance to see these girls perform their brilliantly tender folk combined this those winning, glorious harmonies. And in the intimate setting of the East Oxford Community Centre, this could be the surprise set of the evening.

3. PAWS (Port Mahon, 21:15 – 21:45)

Slacker surfer bands are one a penny these days. All you need is weed, a fuzz pedal and a nose for catchy melodies and killer guitar hooks. Simple? Yes, but that’s the beauty. PAWS come with the extra stamp of approval of being signed to the terrific FatCat Records.

4. Peace (East Oxford Community Centre, 01:00 – 01:30)

Birmingham seems to have a bit of afro-pop scene going on at the moment. With Troumaca, and now Peace, showing us that the industrial heart of the Midlands isn’t all sausage rolls, concrete car parks and dodgy accents (I’m allowed to judge, I’m one of them), but has recently become a hotbed for tropical shoegaze inspired hipsters. Who would have thought it!

5. Glass Animals (East Oxford Community Centre, 21:30 – 22:00)

Championed by VICE and sounding like a more RnB version of The Antlers, Glass Animals are almost hopelessly hip right now. Still, should be good fun, and you’ll you get to hang out with some beautiful people in the crowd. Remember though, look…don’t touch.