Live Video: Grudle Bay – Low Fuss

Some song titles pretty much act as spoilers for a song. When Swans record a song called ‘Mother Of The World’ you can pretty much guarantee that it will be the aural equivalent of a gigantic, feral Sun God shitting out a huge planet Earth from some monstrous black-hole/vagina. Michael Gira doesn’t disappoint. ‘Low Fuss’ on the other hand signifies a sound less torrid, less abrasive and less, well, fuss really! You can watch Oxford’s Grudle Bay performing said track (‘Low Fuss’ that is, not the one about a humongous intergalactic stillborn) for BBC Introducing in Oxford. The band are heading back into the studio in January 2013 to start recording two singles which will be produced by Jonathan Krisp ready to be released around a number of live shows soon to be confirmed.