Lucy Rose – Like I Used To

There has been a lot of talk recently about Lucy Rose being tipped as the new Laura Marling. Rose was signed to Colombia Records in May earlier this year having only released four singles prior, a great achievement in the world of nu-folk. The first time I had heard anything about the singer songwriter from Warwick was at Reading Festival where my friend convinced me to go and watch her set. Being a huge Laura Marling fan myself, I was a little hesitant to go and see Rose at first. However, I was instantly blown away by her beautifully simplistic style and her cute strawberry blonde bangs. There are definitely similarities between the two soloists but at the same time, they are unbelievably difficult to compare.

Rose’s new album Like I Used To is like a Pandora’s box of truth where every lyric holds pure elements of raw emotion and feeling. ‘Lines’ and ‘Bikes’ are the two most popular tracks on the album that have had numerous airplays with Fearne Cotton having described the tracks as, ‘absolutely beautiful!’ My favourite song has to be ‘Night Bus’ as it samples only the very basic of instrumentals creating an air of poignancy. Instead of Rose’s angelic voice being swamped by drum beats and overbearing guitar riffs, a soft strumming from a guitar is intertwined. Another song that carefully demonstrates Rose’s fragile voice is ‘First’. Again, the track steers away from the use of brash melodies when accompanying Rose, highlighting her talented voice.

It is fair to say that Rose’s career as a solo artist has really kicked off. I just want to say a big thank you to my friend for introducing me to such an influential female singer songwriter. Be sure to go and see Lucy Rose at Oxford’s own Gathering Festival on October 20th, you will be far from disappointed, I assure you.

Released on 24th September 2012 by Columbia Records