Message To Bears – Folding Leaves

Folding Leaves is the latest album from the London via Oxford come Bristol acoustic ambient band Message to Bears. The album features nine beautiful tracks entwined with a faultless combination of soft acoustics, strings and the warm, charismatic voice of Jerome Alexander.

‘Daylight Goodbye’ welcomes the album with a simple and soothing piano solo soon complimented with an overlay of acute electronics and gentle harmonies. The title of this song is a true representation of the music behind its name as it illustrates the smooth transition from light to dark. ‘Daylight Goodbye’ is just under six minutes and in this short space of time, really exposes the great potential of the album as a whole.

Folding Leaves isn’t all about the slow building up of acoustic soundscapes, and the most instantaneous song on this serene album is the uplifting ‘Birds Tail’. Alexander has coalesced strings and acoustics alongside a simple beat from a snare drum which come together completely unflawed. This careful unity conveys elements of nature which the entirety of the album represents.

‘Mountains’ is my favourite track on the album as it establishes a strong drum beat with a good balance between violins and acoustics. The vocals on this track are very tender and are overpowered by the instrumentals, this is extremely effective. An image of cold winds and desertedness is conveyed in this piece and the music has the ability to let your mind wander in exploration.

Recordings of bird song and the comforting sounds of strings have been interlaced throughout the album to create a very natural and untainted sound. Together, all the songs on the album present a beautiful portrayal of natural ambience and tranquillity. This album deserves much recognition within UK music as it has been pieced together so perfectly, every song has its complexities that come together so purely and there aren’t many mid-twenty year olds creating music this beautiful and unique in this country.



Released on 18th January 2012 by Dead Pilot Records