Message To Bears – ‘Moonlight’

Message To Bears Maps

Multi-instrumentalist and ambient sound sculptor Message To Bears release their third LP today, entitled Maps. Solely the recorded work of Jerome Alexander, Message To Bears have crafted a sound that is unique and instantly recognisable as their own. ‘Moonlight’ is the first taster of what Maps has to offer.

Second LP Folding Leaves saw Alexander embrace more electronic sounds following on from the acoustic, pastoral pleasures of debut album Departures. ‘Moonlight’ signifies another leap forward by Message To Bears without necessarily sacrificing what made both previous efforts so identifiable. It is great to hear Alexander becoming more and more confident in utilising his voice with each release, with vocal melodies quickly becoming essential to the apparent beauty of the Bears, a fact demonstrated quite clearly in the tender pathos of ‘Moonlight’.

Everyone holds an artist dear to their hearts who can do no wrong in the eyes of the beholder; Message To Bears fit that particular bill for me. A constant pleasure and an immeasurable influence.

Maps is now available to download digitally and also limited to 400 embossed, hand-numbered card case copies.