Metronomy Play Oxford Next Week

Electronic indie group Metronomy will unpack their synthesizers on Cowley Road next Wednesday (20th) in preparation to play their upcoming show at Oxford o2 Academy. The band you are currently touring their new album The English Riviera which has so far garnered many positive reviews.

Drowned In Sound gave the album 9/10 and The Guardian awarded the album 4 stars claiming that: “The English Riviera is miles removed from the glowstick-waving indie-dance that previously characterised Metronomy – instead, it piles on ambling good vibes and darts of sweet synth, along with basslines that sculpt songs into various shapes”.

Metronomy have thankfully ditched their “glowstick-waving indie-dance” for a far more mature electronic version of indie music that moved with the times rather nicely. I can think of many bands who are still trying to re-capture that terrible nu-wave hype which The Klaxons unfortunately pirated as their definitive sound. It’s hard to break through in this game, but even harder to change attitude and shape proficiently enough to remain relevant and – more importantly – fashionable.

Support comes from the lo-fi trance inspired hip-hop artist Ghost Poet and Oxford’s kings of the remix Keyboard Choir, tickets cost £10.

Here’s the video for Metronomy’s new video ‘The Look’: