Mojo Pins: Demo

Mojo Pins are an Oxfordshire based band consisting of four members. Forming recently in 2009, the Mojo Pins have already played at Truck and Cornbury Festival , as well as being featured on BBC Introducing Oxford. Last month, Mojo Pins released two new tracks, ‘No Prizes For Second Guessing’ and ‘Morning Rush’. These two tracks identify a fine use of instruments which is contrasted to the powerful and husky voice of Will Lawson and Callum Parker.

‘No Prizes For Second Guessing’ really presents the beautiful acoustics of the two guitars and bass guitar which comes together to create a slight western feel. Complimented also with the drummer Tom Whitehead, this track opens with a thirty second intro of pure western bliss. The vocalist, however, contrasts to the instrumentals by incorporating an element of vibrato. Accompanied by the natural huskiness of the vocalist’s voice and the vibrato, formulate an extremely powerful and dominant voice.

‘Morning Rush’ introduces a much calmer tone to the music of the Mojo Pins. The chords from the guitars seem very basic in the first minute, however, when the drums are introduced at the beginning of the third verse; the song becomes a lot more exciting. In the first ten seconds of the song, a feeling of relaxation is created. I prefer this track a lot more as I think the instrumentation will surprise you as they grow to be more colourful and vibrant, which rather fittingly reflects the title of the song, ‘Morning Rush’.



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