Moon Duo – Mazes

Do you remember your first joint? When you had a quick cross-eyed toke and waited, rocking back and forth a little before blowing back out into the cold air, sitting, scanning the rest of the park for the dignified police presence you just knew that your mum had escorted down and was currently entertaining on the swings with a push and a pull and a push and a pull and omygod what the fuck Charlie I didn’t expect it to be what?

That’s pretty much what Moon Duo are like. Goth-soaked shoegaze that forgot where it left its car keys. Songs with one riff, and one riff only; quitars so fluid they’re practically sweating; vocals that sound like the singer’s having a paranoid hide in a bass drum in the studio. Awesome stuff.

There’s really not much to say about the music, because there’s very little there. They’re soundscapes, coming from a place halfway between Kyuss and Can. Every song has the same guitar sound, same basic Krauty rythym and jittery vocal, but it’s a sound that stays fresh because it’s already stale, so to speak. You’ve heard this sound before, and Moon Duo make no apologies for that. So they just write a really good stoner rock record and leave it at that.

Put it on in your bedroom and leave it at full volume. Your mum will have a fit.



Released on 18th April 2011 courtesy of Souterrain Transmissions.