Toliesel’s debut EP Contours was released in 2013 and measured their love for pop-driven Americana. From the bittersweet opener ‘Whispered Half Asleep’ with its chiming guitars and questioning vocal melodies, to the brooding finale ‘Brothers’, slathered with distorted shoegaze textures.

Mutes Band


Mutes began as the bedroom-pop project of frontman James, writing and recording in his Birmingham flat, using loops and samples to create a introspective haze of shoegaze ambience. Now a full band, Mutes make noise-rock with touches of punk, shoegaze and grunge.

viscous liquid band


A solitary cosmonaut getting spacey to make music to space out to, London solo artist Viscous Liquid creates sepia toned dream-pop full of pensive desire and trippy nostalgia. Viscous Liquid has already circulated two self-released EPs, including the surfgaze inspired Songs for Jealous Lovers.

Catalano Artist


Catalano has the self-confessed nasty habit of starting multiple projects without ever finishing one. A hefty, almost forceful reaction against his own scatterbrained disposition, Patience, Perseverance is the result of 18 months of self-discipline and unwavering devotion to the painstaking craft of electronic music.

Paddox Band


Oxford based ambient-electronic outfit PADDOX formed in 2014 around ex-Trophy Wife drummer Kit Monteith. With a nod to Cologne’s Kompakt records, PADDOX delve deep into both techno and lush ambient soundscapes. The latter of which forms the basis of their debut release Aphrodisiaque, a concrete clad 3kg vinyl release.