Musicians 5-a-side For Chairty

Football and music. Hasn’t always been the finest of cultural mash-ups. When footballers appear in music, you usually end up with something truly awful (except for that John Barnes rap in ‘World In Motion’, an obvious inspiration for both Jay-Z and Kanye) and when musicians have a go at football…well…we’ve all seen Soccer AM, right? Unless your in Kasabian, then a musician kicking a football is rather like watching your girlfriend trying to play Gears of War. But sometimes, you just have to get outside of your comfort zone, put down the guitar, strap on a pair of shin-pads and think…”What would Eric do?”

Local music promoters Audioscope and Pindrop Promotions have teamed up to present an Oxford musicians’ version of Euro 2012 this July, to raise money to help the homeless. Entry to the event will cost £4 per person, with all proceeds to be split between national homelessness charity Shelter and local homelessness organisation The Gatehouse.

The event takes place at Brookes University Centre for Sports in Headington, Oxford, from 11.00 am-6.00 pm on Saturday 7 July, the week after the climax of Euro 2012. Teams will play off against each other in a bid to be declared the sporting champions of Oxfordshire music! There will be group stages and knockout matches, ensuring that players are guaranteed to be involved in more than one game.

Small print: teams must contain seven or eight members, with six being on the pitch at any one time via rolling substitutions. At least four players on the pitch for a team at any one time must be members of a local band, staff at a local venue, local gig promoters or otherwise involved in the Oxford music scence. Entries must be submitted by Monday 25 June. To enter a team, interested parties can email with details of the team name and its members.