Forming in early 2013, Mutes began as the bedroom-pop project of frontman James, writing and recording in a single room in a Birmingham flat, using loops and samples to create a introspective haze of shoegaze ambience. Mutes soon embarked on a solo tour of the UK, creating blissful dream-pop interwoven with reverb-laden sonic soundscapes and forming a live performance that was deeply mesmeric.

In 2014, Mutes released their self-titled debut, an EP that traversed the mind of the perennial daydreamer, casting its net into the ocean of sound similarly trawled by the likes of Atlas Sound, Lotus Plaza and the Appleseed Cast. Vocal incantations, overdriven jangle-pop and improvised drone tracks, moulding an introspective and deeply personal collection of songs.

Mutes are now a very different entity altogether. Having recruited a full band, Mutes embrace a darker philosophy. Creating sprawling indie-rock complete with noisy crescendos of distortion similar to art-rock heroes Sonic Youth and Deerhunter. Retaining the lo-fi aesthetic of their early ambient interludes and sparkling drone sections, Mutes now touch upon the beautifully delicate and purposefully cacophonous with equal measure, transcending the genres of its heroes; touches of grunge, moments of noise-rock, and flashes of lo-fi inspired shoegaze.

With the full band now in place, and a second EP release on the way, Mutes are extrapolating the daydream of their early recordings into a full bodied, brooding reality.

Mutes are: James (guitar, vocals); Tim (bass); Josh (guitar)



Mutes Smother Live Video