My Grey Horse – Stop Before The Dry River


After a mighty hefty last year marking the release of their debut EP The Marley Banks, My Grey Horse continue the flumeside theme with Stop Before The Dry River. It’s a slightly slower affair than last year’s – what was before a reliance on 4/4 driving beats has now settled comfortably into a penchant for half-time, careless groove – and has possibly lost some of the urgency with it that made them the toast of so many of the BBC’s finest during 2012.

With 4 songs across 13 minutes it’s a small tasty sugar cube of an EP from My Grey Horse. ‘Last Chance’ is an immediate outstander, the surfy tremmblant guitars playing sick acne-ridden lines with a studied nonchalence. Single ‘Need Wood’ is good although could be accused of being a tad boring. But if anything it serves as proof that the Butler brothers’ beautiful voices seem at long last fully at ease with each other, slipping easily in next to one another like cold feet into old slippers.

As a record, Stop Before The Dry River really takes a couple songs to get into itself, and on a 4 song EP that’s a dangerous position to be in as a band, because by the time you’ve started nodding your head, the needle’s started running off. It’s a shame, as it does feel like a lot of love has gone into the EP, and I feel bad to dismiss it merely as an aperitif. But the hype machine needs constant feeding, and perhaps it’s wise for My Grey Horse ration out the candy. Whatever the reasoning, there is a Grey Horse straining at the traces. Give us a full album please, lads. The EP format just doesn’t satisfy with this lot.

My Grey Horse

Released on 14th January 2013 by CRC Music Group