New Release: Blonde Redhead

Last year’s Penny Sparkle was described as the sound of Blonde Redhead becoming more “clinical and almost always predictable” by Slant Magazine. Perhaps a bit harsh, but there was no denying the the NYC trio had lost there way somewhat, abandoning their original unpredictable intrigue for a gentler, more laid back sound which was less explorational and much more mellow. So, to coincide with the bands European tour, they have released a EP of remixes of tracks taken from their most recent album.

Accumulated over the past nine months following the September release of that record, the six remixes include efforts from an impressive cast of artists. Included amongst them is the Bon Iver-affiliated Gayngs with a version of ‘Here Sometimes’, with a footwork-heavy edit from Becoming Real and the minimal pulse of Pantha du Prince offering different takes on that same track. Salem also provide a typically euphoric blackening of ‘Penny Sparkle’, while Games showcase their love for the blown-out fringes of 80s R&B on ‘My Plants Are Dead’.?

Listen to the EP underneath: