New Release: Secret Rivals

With true DIY spirit, Oxford’s bratty angst-mongers Secret Rivals have begun recording their debut album independently, thanks to a bit of fan-donated dollar.

Following on from previous EP’s such as the excellent Make Do And Mend (Part 2), the record will be their first full length; an exciting prospect for such a young band and a move which shows commendable initiative. They’re not all the way there yet, so if anyone would like to donate, head to for more info. There are various incentives offered, and you can go to sleep tonight safe in the knowledge that the band will be working their fingers to the bone in a studio somewhere to ensure your money was donated wisely.

Aforementioned treats include, for £100, a set at your house party/wedding/bar mitzvah and, for £8, a download of the new album. Can’t say fairer than that!