New Release: The Graceful Slicks

Oxford psychedelic shoegazers The Graceful Slicks have delivered the news equivalent of a cheeky left-hook, right-hook punch. They aren’t physically abusing anyone, or challenging blog writers to a boxing match. What I meant to say is that they have news to spread, two pieces of exciting news. As exciting as a speedy one-two knockout from Muhammed Ali. I’ll shut up about boxing shall I? American label Custom Made Music will be realising the song ‘Bul Bul Tarang’ as part of their Autumn Sampler. Stream the track underneath via YouTube.

The sampler will be limited to 2000 copies and distributed across America, available in selected shops and at shows. It is also distributed to radio stations, reviewers, and labels across America. As well as featuring several up and coming psychedelic/shoegaze bands it will also have contributions from David J (Bauhaus) and Peter Holmström (Dandy Warhols). Secondly, the same song will also be featured in China’s largest music magazines and record label SoRock!, out later this month, the magazine includes an interview with us and our song on the accompanying CD. This is distributed to news-stands across all of China.

So basically, The Graceful Slicks are beginning to penetrate the subconscious of the world’s two super-powers. Did Muhammed Ali ever go to China? I think he did you know…