New Single: ute

Oxford folk-rock trio ute have released the track ‘Brother’ as a single on Alcopop! Records with an intriguing b-side featuring 30 musicians from the Oxford Community performing a unique version of the a-side. The track has been a live favourite since the band started making waves in Oxford a couple of years ago, since then they have signed to Alcopop! and released their brilliant debut EP The Gambler. ute will be playing at Wilderness Festival this weekend and Green Man Festival in Wales on the 21st August. 

‘Brother’ was my favourite ute song for quite some time, so I was disappointed not to see it appear on their debut EP. But, the single release has been worth waiting for, if not for the special Oxford Hearts Ensemble version alone.

One early Saturday morning, members of the Oxford Blessing Force, Spring Offensive, Gunning For Tamar and a 10 year old trumpeter (amongst others) lifted their instruments, played as one – and created a gorgeous mixed up version of Brother – all fused with the passion of dozens of hearts, voices and melodies – a completely different version that demands to be heard! So we coupled the two.

You can stream the single, b-side and a Gunning For Tamar remix underneath: