New Song: AIVA

Virtually unrecognised in his time, highly lauded after his death, Nick Drake is to British folk music what Vincent van Gogh is to Dutch art. Releasing only three albums and passing away at the age of 26, Nick Drake has gone on to be one of the most inspirational singer-songwriters Britain has ever produced. Despite passing away a long time ago, the echo of Nick Drake’s softly-spoken voice and intricate acoustic guitar playing can still be heard.

AIVA, a new solo female artist from Washington DC, has covered one of Drake’s most haunting song’s ‘Pink Moon’, taken from his infinitely sad and final album of the same title. Thankfully, this cover is not just another singer-songwriter doing their best Nick Drake impression over an acoustic guitar, instead AIVA creates a backdrop of bright synths and a wash of breezy vocal harmonies.

Well worth a listen. Stream it underneath:

AIVA – Pink Moon (Nick Drake cover) by Dirty Hit