New Song: Dead Jerichos

Either an offhand, snide sign-off or a command to go masturbate, ‘Please Yourself’ is the first song to be released from the future EP by Oxford’s whipper-snapper indie-rockers Dead Jerichos. The EP, named after the track in question, will be released on November 14th. 

Already a live favourite, ‘Please Yourself’ showcases the band’s love for picking out intricate guitar riffs and creating a wash of noise through seemingly endless amounts of delay. A bass-line reminiscent of The Cure gives the song, not just a catchy hook, but also a healthy dose of post-punk romanticism. The EP will also include the song ‘Spaces And Sounds’ as well as a Dubweiser remix of the EP’s title track and a reworking of ‘Spaces And Sounds’ by Message To Bears (once of Oxford, now residing in Bristol). 

Stream the track underneath: