New Song: Fixers

Fixer’s recent EP Here Comes 2001, So Lets All Head For The Sun, released earlier this year, was a small exemple of the band’s ability to push pop into more progressive territory, especially EP opener ‘Another Lost Apache’ which mixed Beach Boy’s vocals with a electronic bombast of pop inspired fun. 

Their new single further removes any connotations that Fixers are a guitar-based indie group. Continuing which the current popular trend in music for Retromania, ‘Swimmhaus Johnnesburg’ is majorly influenced by 1980s synth music; classic house piano chords and a 4/4 dance beat.

Fixers are will be performing on the Main Stage at this summer’s Truck Festival on Saturday 23rd of July. They will also be performing at this year’s Lounge On The Farm (Canterbury), Latitude (Suffolk), Secret Garden Party (Huntingdon) and the iTunes Festival (London).