New Song: Richard Youngs

Richard Youngs has been at the forefront of progressive minimalist experimentalism for 20 years or so now. Working in Glasgow since the early 1990s, he has developed a lengthy and varied discography. He may struggle to knock LFMAO off the top of The Official UK Top 40 Singles Chart, but if you’re a fan of taxing music which is a bit “Out there” to say the least, then Richard is your man!

Set to release his new album, Amplifying Host, on July 18th, courtesy of Jagjaguwar Records, we are happy to share with you a new track called ‘Tessellations’. Youngs’ new album is said to be “wandering the guitar desert somewhere between Ry Cooder’s Paris, Texas score and Neil Young’s work on Dead Man”. Intrigued? Have a listen and your fascination will only increase for this phenomenally original UK artist.

Richard Youngs – ‘Tessellations’