New Song: Here We Go Magic

It could be all to easy to overlook a band such as Here We Go Magic. In fact, the band have admitted themselves that during a live performance at Glastonbury 2010 no one in the crowd gave two hoots about their performance onstage except for two guys at the front. But testament to the band, those two guys who were supposedly dancing around like “maniacs” were Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich. Find yourself in the wrong mood and a song like ‘Make Up Your Mind’ could easily find itself resigned to the recycle bin of history, however, if you tune yourself into the repetitive rhythms, the nondescript Taking Heads style vocals and the sudden pangs of 80s synths, you might, like Thom, find yourself gyrating your shoulders and shuffling your bumcheeks in your seat. Their third album A Different Ship is out on May 7th through Secretly Canadian, listen to the song ‘Make Up Your Mind’ underneath: