New Song: Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons brought folk music into the mainstream with 2009’s Sigh No More to critical acclaim and are looking to continue their world domination with ‘Home’.

During the bands career they have toured extensively and clearly love it, new track ‘Home’ is a homesick homage to those who they have left behind while on their travels. This track was recorded as a live session for Colorado radio station KBCO for the first time after being played numerous times off record, at gigs. If deemed good enough, the song will receive the full recording treatment before making its way onto the troupe’s sophomore album which is rumoured for release early next year.

‘Home’ is a step away from such barn rompers as ‘The Cave’ and ‘Little Lion Man’ but still contains Marcus Mumford’s soaring vocals, here chanting “I’ll be home in a little while, lover I’ll be home”. Marcus soothingly sings over gently finger picked guitars, the occasional piano interlude and the compulsory banjo.

If this track is anything to go by, their new album will be an emotional one and if they are able to produce ten more tracks of this ilk, album number two will be a hit.

Mumford & Sons – “Home/Untitled” (Live on KBCO) by