New Song: Of Montreal

Bet you thought Of Montreal couldn’t become any weirder or more outlandish didn’t you? Think again Sonny-Jim-Geezer-Gov’nor! Along with news of their new album, the band have released a brand new song called ‘Wintered Debts’, a near eight-minute sprawling mish-mash of sounds and influences which includes a four minute interlude of Sufjan-esque clanging pianos overlapping each other. Men’al. The song, when not building up layers and layers of cacophonous noise, features the Of Montreal staple of Beatles inspired pop and frenzied indie.

The new album, Paralytic Stalks, will be released on February 6th via Polyvinyl Records. See the tracklisting and stream the new song – via Soundcloud – underneath:

1.’Gelid Ascent’
2.’Spiteful Intervention’
3. ‘Dour Percentage’
4. ‘We Will Commit Wolf Murder’
5.’Malefic Dowery’
6. ‘Ye, Renew The Plaintiff’
7. ‘Wintered Debts’
8. ‘Exorcismic Breeding Knife’
9. ‘Authentic Pyrrhic Remission’