New Song: The Men

Despite having one of the most search-engine-unfriendly names in the history of music, The Men look to be a ballsier version of California indie-whisps Girls proving once and for all that the female of the species is of less worth than the maaaale. Sorry all you feminists out there, you just don’t have the scrotes for it, so pop the kettle on and we’ll be back when the footie’s over, yeah? (Please note: I am NOT a massive sexist in real life, just for the purpose of this rather long-winded and tenuous ramble concerning the name of this really good band who have just released a really good new song which you can listen to underneath actually). The Men will be playing at Field Day Festival in London this year, so make sure you go along and wave your Yorkie bars round your heads as you revel in their sheer testosterone induced manliness.