New Song: Tribes

If you have been following the London garage “revival” then the name Tribes will be familiar to you by now. Alongside bands like The Vaccines and Yuck, Tribes have made a name for themselves with catchy, edgy rock reminiscent of the early 1990s American grunge scene. Of course, if you were a bit young for it then, the cyclical nature of musical trends will always allow your particular generation to have it’s own stab at angsty twenty-something guitar music. Hoorah for the ever repeating nature of human existence!

Tribes were born out of Camden and have got enough hooks and looks to get themselves booked on a UK tour supporting The Kooks (Ouch! Bad luck boys!). Their new single, ‘When My Day Comes’, will be released on October 24th and a debut album is due for release in early 2012. Listen below: