New Song: Weekend

With any kind of revivalist sound in music, there is a fine line between the acceptable and the fucking atrocious. For example, John Grant and Midlake’s 1980s soft-rock revival = brilliant, thanks to the quality of the song writing and wit of the lyricism (plus, John Grant is a bloody legend). Another example, La Roux’s 1980s synth-pop revival = style over substance and, in the eternal words of Brian Howard Clough OBE, a bloody disgrace.

Late 1980s/early 1990s Shoegaze is currently undergoing period of 21st Century Renaissance, with UK bands like Yuck owing much of their sound to Dinosaur Jr. and in the USA bands like Cymbals Eat Guitars are ripping (in a good way) on Pavement. These bands a good examples of striking the right balance between nostalgia and modern relevance. Another band doing the same are San Francsico’s Weekend.

Having released their debut album Sports last year to positive reviews, the band are back with more lo-fi 80s post-punk/90s shoegaze noise. ‘Hazel’ is the new track taken from their forthcoming EP Red, which will be released on September 20th courtesy of Slumberland Records. The track contains more of the same woozy guitar noise which drew the attention of the notoriously lo-fi Slumberland, except this time a bass-line and rhythm section, which could almost be stolen from a song by The Cure or Joy Division, gives the song a much more upbeat and poppier edge.

You can stream the track underneath: