New Track – James Blake & Bon Iver

Last wednesday when James Blake quietly posted the words “24th August 2011 – James Blake & Bon Iver ‘Fall Creek Boys Choir'” to his Twitter, the blogging world swiftly went ape shit. Much speculation was made about the nature of the collaboration, with many crossing fingers for an EP. In a move typical to the enigmatic nature of both artists no more information was given until the track was played on BBC Radio 1 for the first time yesterday where details still remained sparse, with Blake only hinting at any future collaborations.

So to the music itself; pleasingly it is an almost perfect divide the sonic signatures of the two artists; with Justin Vernon’s unmistakable falsetto gorgeously brushed across the sparse and challenging electronic minimalism that made James Blake’s debut such a pleasure. In that sense, the track throws no major punches, although anyone expecting some of the euphoric pop of Bon Iver’s self-titled album may be wrong-footed, but to dismiss the subtle, slow-burning beauty of ‘Fall Creek Boys Choir’ on these grounds would be a disservice to the music. A truly delightful collaboration.