New Video: Blitzen Trapper

When I first heard the new Blitzen Trapper single ‘I Love The Way You Walk Away’ it struck me just how pleasingly MOR the song was. Usually, I cannot abide any music which plays the game so safe, but there was something about the ambiance of this particular song which recalled the Harvest days of Neil Young as well as the easy-going country-rock of 1970s bands such as Fleetwood Mac. I guess with everybody pushing towards the boundaries of modern music, the middle of the road is so deserted, that any band driving down that road will quickly reach their destination whilst other bands scrabble around in the ditches.

The video for the song further accentuates the wholesome American-ness of the track. You’ve got the band playing in a deserted barn, driving down long, empty roads flanked by grazing buffalo and, rather perturbingly, members of the band firing off a few rounds of shotgun shells! I guess nothing represents wholesome American values better than a few bursts of live ammunition!

If you’re into your undemanding, laid-back Americana, then look out for the band’s new album American Goldwing which will be released on September 12th through Sub Pop Records.