New Video: Blood Orange

Well, well, well. I am converted. Firstly, I must confess, I hated Test Icicles. They were the pinnacle of style (which was categorically shit) over substance (“stop pretending to like this pretentious crap to try and come across as painstakingly alternative”). I didn’t like Lightspeed Champion. I thought the lyrics were too try-hard and sound was like that of a mild cheddar cheese; almost impossible to dislike, but longing for something a bit stronger. So, third times a charm Dev Hynes, and you might have just won me over. Blood Orange is the name of his new project and, although this is the only taster I’ve had yet, there is something quite appealing about it. Maybe it’s the charming vocals, the bright guitar sounds, the VHS video or all of these thing combined. Maybe it’s because the video shows him failing miserably on Valetine’s Day and I actually still hate the guy. Who knows. But I’m intrigued to hear more.