New Video: Cults

Which is the best cult? The Manson Family? Branch Davidians? The Peoples Temple? Well, if we indulge ourselves with a spot of Top Trumps (The Cults Edition) lets have a look at who comes out on top. Category: Numbers Killed/Murdered. The Manson Family are last with 9 (but a special celebrity point for getting Sharon Tate), 82 Branch Davidians perished at Waco along with 4 AFT Agents, but way, way, way out in the lead with an impressive 900 are the Koolade quaffing People’s Temple!

It seems rather fitting that New York’s 60s-inspired pop duo Cults have chosen to honour Jim Jones and his Peoples Temple in their brand new video. ‘Go Outside’ is the band’s latest single, taken from their debut self-titled album, and is released on August 29th courtesy of The Name Of/Columbia Records. Premiered by, the video was directed by Isaiah Seret who felt obliged to bring together the two best Cults the world has ever seen:

“For this music video we didn’t want to put a spin on the footage or the peoples lives—instead we wanted to re-tell and humanize their story. In order to achieve this we used a combination of stock footage, visual effects and other tricks to embed the band into the historical footage.”

Watch the video for ‘Going Out’ underneath:

Go Outside, by Cults from Boing Boing on Vimeo.