New Video: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

The Flaming Lips are possibly one of the oddest bands ever signed to Warner Bros Records, but, looking back over their varied and quite frankly inspiring career, it’s clear that they have earned it and it kind of makes sense now. They are a band full of colour, optimism and child-like fondness for performing, recording and being creative. Another odd-ball band currently on the Warner Bros roster is Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Cheerful indie-pop, but they also have a lot in common with Wayne Coyne’s mad-hat gang of psychedelic warriors. Listening to their new song ‘Morning Thought’, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. clearly inject spades of fun and exuberance into their recordings; bright, clanging guitar lines, uplifting vocal harmonies and a bit of Lips style sonic experimentation. Their new album, It’s A Corporate World,  will receive a full UK release in May ahead of several summer festival dates.