New Video: Death Cab For Cutie

Death Cab For Cutie have been aging like a fine wine or a smelly cheese with the last couple of years producing their two finest albums; 2005’s Plans and 2008’s Narrow Stairs. Death Cab have become a band who encompass “all killer and no filler”, giving their fans albums chocked-full of great songs, all without one duff track in sight. Needless to be said, this year’s release comes with a large dose of anticipation. Luckily, most of what we’ve heard from Codes And Keys has been promising, especially the song ‘Home Is A Fire’, which you can now watch the video for underneath.

The track certainly possesses something of the Postal Service about it with its glitch electronic beats and once again reaffirms Death Cab’s exquisite talent for great song-writing, whilst constantly challenging themselves. The video is by Shepard Fairey and Nicholas Harmer, whilst Codes And Keys will be released on May 30th courtesy of Atlantic Records.

9 thoughts on “New Video: Death Cab For Cutie”

  1. jwatkin

    Two finest albums? What about We Have The Facts… and Transatlanticism? From what I’ve heard of the new album it’s going to be er… not very good at all. I have tickets to see them in July which I am seriously considering selling because of what I have heard so far.

    If Gibbard wants to make a record that sounds like The Postal Service then why doesn’t he make a second Postal Service album?!

  2. TomJowett

    @jwatkin I must disagree with you fellow DCFC fan

  3. jjbert

    I’m kinda surprised that Shepard Fairey’s directorial debut wasn’t more of a focal point here. As for DCFC’s “two finest” albums, I’d have to agree with @jwatkin .

  4. JackOlchawski

    I personally, CANNOT wait. The new direction sounds awesome and I love the approach they have taken to layering it.

  5. jwatkin

    @JackOlchawski I obviously can’t say that you are wrong because it is your opinion, but I must refer back to my point about the Postal Service. This new stuff just isn’t Death Cab! Chris Walla must be whipped by Ben Gibbard…

  6. TomJowett

    I think that Death Cab have progressed marvelously. Lyrically each album is stronger than the one before and I can’t wait for this potential Death Cab/Postal Service crossover sound. A bit of progression and experimentation never goes amiss and should always be an artists primary thought when appraoching new material.

  7. NickySeagulls

    @jwatkin I agree, Death Cab have strayed further & further from their original sound, Transatlanticism is by far their greatest achievement and is far from these new tunes. Glove compartment….

  8. TomJowett

    @NickySeagulls @jwatkin Surely straying further from your original sound can also be a positive? I would be appalled if this album sounded just like Transatlanticism.

  9. jwatkin

    @TomJowett @NickySeagulls I have to disagree on your second point Tom; I’d call it a return to form after a shaky previous album! However yes, straying further from your original sound can be positive but, in my opinion, not with this. It’s just not Death Cab!!