New Video: Eleanor Friedberger

If you aren’t already acquainted, please meet Ms Eleanor Friedberger, one of the finest female indie songwriters around. Don’t believe me? Check out her sterling work with Fiery Furnaces, never has indie-pop sounded so beguiling! Almost Zappa like in its intricacy and multifariousness, Eleanor has been at it again this year but this time flying solo. Sometimes, when an artists departs from their musical muse, their significant other (in terms of song-writing), the balance is upset and they struggle to deliver the goods on their own. Eleanor Friedberger on the other hand, has pulled it off magnificently, releasing one of the most interesting and brilliantly composed albums of the year. Check out the new video to ‘Roosevelt Island’ underneath.

Filmed on Roosevelt Island itself, the video follows Eleanor across to the island that lies just off the coast of Manhattan and venturing into a funfair. A simple yet charming accompaniment to a track that echoes the 1970s disco-era, the video captures the same autobiographical whimsy as the video for ‘My Mistakes’; a theme that runs not only in her videos, but throughout the songs on her new album, Last Summer.

Eleanor Friedberger – Roosevelt Island from Merge Records on Vimeo.