New Video: Eleanor Friedberger

It’s hard to measure genuine eccentricity these days. Is it for real or just for show? Nowadays, it seems that you have to stand-out from the crowd in order to sufficiently blend into the background. But being quirky with no substance, is there any greater sociable sin? You only have to look at Sky1’s new “comedy” series This Is Jinsy to see what happens when you spend more time trying to be an oddball rather than funny/clever/good. The “professional eccentric” is one of few social groups I still believe should be neutered. Eugenics may seem extreme, but I really don’t think anyone who asks you whether you prefer “magnets or omelettes” should be allowed to live let alone procreate.

Musicians can sometimes try to hard to be weird and out there without much musical guile, but Eleanor Friedberger is one who we should admire for, not only being a top songwriter, but for also being a genuinely intriguing musician.

Anybody who has listened to her previous band Fiery Furnaces, and more implicitly their 2004 LP release Blueberry Boat, will know that Eleanor has a knack for being exciting, intriguing and, more importantly, pleasing all at once. ‘My Mistakes’ is the first single to be taken from her soon to be released debut solo album, Last Summer (November 14th through Merge Records). Even though the song isn’t a wildly unpredictable as her previous work, it still possesses enough of her idiosyncratic quirkiness to keep you sufficiently enthralled.

Watch the video underneath: