New Video: Fair Ohs

Tropical-pop has really taken off hasn’t it?!? And just in the nick time! I don’t want my summer to be sound-tracked by a bunch of moody tossers with subversive messages about how shit modern life is (and this isn’t a dig at any particular band before you start throwing any accusations my way), and listening to the new song from Fair Ohs, it appears pretty obvious to me that the Summer of ’11 needs more happy bands like this to bring a bit of sunshine into our lives. Being melancholic is way over-rated anyway!

The aptly named ‘Everything Is Dancing’ takes inspiration from, like may other indie bands from the past couple of years, African music and successfully brings the Saharan sun to East London. The track has been released as a single in preparation for the band’s debut album Everything Is Dancing, which will come out on June 1st via the band’s own label, Honey High Records.

You can watch the video, which follows the dalliances of a morbidly obese Batman, underneath: