New Video: Girls

Father, Son, Holy Ghost by Girls is quickly becoming one of the most eagerly awaited releases of this Autumn, mostly due to the strength of the first single from the album, ‘Vomit’; a slow bunrer of a song which builds quietly towards a chorus of screeching organ, pounding percussion and Christopher Owens sounding more fragile and forlorn than ever before. Father, Son, Holy Ghost, the band’s second LP release, will be out on 12th September 2011 courtesy of Fantasytrashcan/Turnstile Records.

Their debut won wild acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic upon it’s release and, judging by the standard set by ‘Vomit’, I’m guessing Father, Son, Holy Ghost will be recieved just as warmly. Well, let’s all hope that the album delivers the goods based on the initial promise of ‘Vomit’, but it’s kinda hard not to get carried away when it sounds this fucking good! Check out the brand new video for the track underneath: