New Video: Gunning For Tamar

Some songs slowly bleed into your consciousness. They begin on fallow land and slowly build humble foundations, placing delicate layer upon delicate layer until, at the end, you are faced with a beautiful glittering palace. The journey from quiet to grand can be the most thrilling expedition in music. ‘Time Trophies’ by Gunning For Tamar, does the precise opposite. There is no slow introduction. There is no softly, softly approach to creating a wishy-washy wall of sound, instead GFT hit you straight between the eyes from the word go. They don’t build a elegant, twinkling, sparkly castle; they destroy it brick by brick through brute force, smashing through false facades with their own fucking craniums. The song is taken from their impending Time Trophies EP (released on Monday 19th March on wristwatches) and the video is directed by Sam King and Tim Bearder. The band will launch the EP in Oxford with a live performance at The Cellar on Saturday 24th March with support from Deer Chicago and Jumping Ships.