New Video: Hilary Hahn & Hauschka

Two classical artists from either side of the Atlantic ocean who have been collaborating since 2009 have finally come together to release an album of twelve stunning pieces, the result of 10 days spent together recording improvised tracks at Greenhouse Studios in Reykjavik. Two-time Grammy Award-winning violinist Hilary Hahn and Volker Bertelmann (AKA Hauschka) released their combined effort Silfra on June 25th via Universal/Deutsche Grammophon. To promote the album, Eric Epstein (who was nominated for a Grammy for Memory Tapes‘ ‘Yes I Know’) has directed a video to accompany the song ‘Draw A Map’, a beautiful song which is as odd as it is compelling, written in the neo-classical style that fans of Hauschka’s previous work will be familiar with. The record has been produced by Valgeir Sigurosson who has also worked with Bjork, Camille and Bonnie Prince Billy