New Video: Holidays For Strings

Peter, Bjorn And John aren’t just the soundtrack to that Comet advert in which Edith Bowman apathetically spouts off about the great savings to made on HD plasma screen televisions and smart phones. No, if you dig into the band’s back catalogue you’ll actually uncover a wealth of interesting and often challenging music. Even though ‘Young Folks’ is probably the song which will be streamed from the tombstones of all three band members (Musical graves? Win! Patent pending.), it’s good to see that they are not content to cash in on a song that your mom whistles along to whilst dicing up Halloumi.

Holidays For Strings are a Swedish five-piece band including John from Peter, Bjorn and John, and Pony from Thieves Like Us (who we featured on the site recently). The song ‘Unwilling/Not Able’ is taken form an EP of the same name and is described as “the breeze in your hair when you’re driving along a forested coast in your convertible”. I cannot confirm whether this description is accurate (not being able to afford a convertible, or drive for that matter) but this 1970s dance inspired electronic indie-pop certainly possesses an unmistakable Scandinavian groove.

The video is directed by Daniel Eskils (Caribou, Boys Noize)