New Video: iamamiwhoami

Having broke through into the world of independent electronica through one of the most ambitious and interesting PR campaigns of the internet age, iamamiwhoami, or as she’s known to her mother Jonna Lee, has unveiled a new video and, apparently, has announced her intention to release new material in June of this year. In 2009 she sent numerous teaser videos to several digital music publications and bloggers, each about one minute in length and with no other information other than the video itself. The intriguing sound and artistic imagery captured the imagination of thousands of excited musso’s, sending the indie blogosphere into a hysteria of speculation (could it be Bjork? The Knife? Trent Reznor? Maybe, just maybe, it could be Christina Aguilera?). iamamiwhoami has since revealed her true identity and appeared in concert, but now it seems like an official release, maybe called kin and maybe released on the 6th June 2012, is on it’s way.