New Video: Neon Indian

The guys at [adult swim] have devised this rather cheeky animated video for the new Neon Indian single ‘Fallout’, featuring some boobage so major you’ll think that you’ve been on a particularly heavy cheesing binge. The images, which may or may not be safe for work depending on whether you work exclusively with badly drawn feminists, compliments the 80s nostalgia of the song perfectly; Mega Drive synths and nu-romantic vocals, you might just think that you’ve been exported back to an age of ruffled shirts and shoulder pads…either that or you’re in a slow-motion schoolyard montage from Donnie Darko or some other noughties indie flick made by some guys who think that Casio’s were the height of music technology and that the 80s was the greatest decade ever because it’s when they first got laid. Good song though and it’s taken from one of the undoubted albums of 2011; Era Extrana.